Supervisor Rowe recently spent a few days in Needles meeting with city officials, helping honor a nature enthusiast, and learning more about the work done by the San Bernardino County Sheriff Colorado River Station.

Captain Ross Tarangle and Lieutenant Jacob Gault led the tour of the Sheriff’s Colorado River Marine Enforcement Unit facilities. The Marine Enforcement Unit patrols the Colorado River from Nevada to Riverside County, focusing on year-round safety, especially during the busy season from late spring to early September. The station deploys the maximum number of personnel available during Memorial Day, Fourth of July, and Labor Day weekends when visitor numbers peak. Their main goal is educating boaters on safe and sober operation, resulting in reduced incidents of boating under the influence and fatal accidents in recent years. Read all about the station, their jurisdiction, and their mission here.

The visit to Needles included participating in the dedication ceremony for a new trail at Jack Smith Park. The newly named Marilyn Hohstadt Matthews Trail honors a great advocate for nature, walking, and trails in the Needles community. The City of Needles recognized Mrs. Matthews for her nature advocacy and 40 years of teaching in the Needles Unified School District. She was honored with an official City Resolution and had a new trail named after her.

During the trip to the Tri-State Region, Supervisor Rowe also had a productive meeting with Needles City officials, including City Manager Patrick Martinez, Needles Mayor Jan Jernigan, and Utility Manager Rainie Torrance. For information on city services and things to do in the region, be sure to visit the City of Needles official website.