As we gear up for the impending storm this week, Public Works (DPW) staff are actively monitoring weather patterns and tracking updates from the National Weather Service (NWS). At this time, reports indicate that the threshold for storm response activation will be met, prompting DPW operations crews to be on alert and fully prepared to respond. All Mountain and Valley Yards will be on split shifts with 24-hour coverage beginning Wednesday 12/20/23 through the end of the storm. Equipment has been pre-staged in all yards throughout the County and ready to be activated as needed.

Prior to the storm season, crews have worked to remove debris, vegetation, and sediment from basins, channels, and storm drains to ensure facilities operate at full capacity, significantly reducing the risk of localized flooding.

We encourage our residents to be prepared by signing up for Telephone Emergency Notification System (TENS) alerts. Participants will receive text messages for evacuations and road closures. Get started by visiting