At the end of January 2022, San Bernardino County Special Districts Department hired James Dunham, a resident of Wonder Valley, to the position of Wonder Valley Community Center Coordinator.

After graduating with an Electrical Engineering degree from Cal State University, Long Beach, James worked for ten years at Hughes Aircraft Company as an electrical engineer. Additionally, he brings over 30 years of experience in the glass art and craft industry in sales and teaching capacities. Through his direct efforts, a high-end glass firing kiln was generously donated to the glass art program.

As an instructor with Special Districts, James offers various levels of classes to the community in kiln-formed glass. First, the basics of the glass fusing process are taught in his introductory course. Next, students learn to use this process to make beautiful glass objects. Those interested in signing up for classes should contact Jim at the Wonder Valley Community Center at 760-367-9880.